Tea Series

Visual Identity of Normann Tea Series

Anne Lehmann designed the visual identity, packaging and photo campaign for the Normann Tea Series that is now a part of the permanent design exhibition at Design Museum Denmark.


Anne's concept idea was to let the prints on the packaging visualize the different experience of drinking the teas: Colorful taste explosion with prints that indicate the different flavors.

Role in project

Anne Lehmann created the visual identity, packaging, production ready files, picked out the teas and followed the designs from scratch to final packaged product. She also lead the art direction of the photo campaigns to launch the products to market. 


Visual Identity, Product Design, Print Design, Packaging, Art Direction, Concept Creation, Photo Shoot, Graphic Design

The Normann Tea Series is a part of the permanent design exhibition Danish Design Now at Design Museum Denmark that focuses on contemporary Danish design from the 21st century.