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Career, Education & Recognition

Creative Director

Anne Lehmann

The best comment from a client is always; 
"Yes, this is exactly who we are!" 
That means I really captured the core of their brand and made it shine. 
Creative Director

2017 - Present: Creative Director 

Since 2017 Anne Lehmann has worked independently for fashion and design brands in Los Angeles. Her soft spot is clients in the intersection of high fashion meets art. She works directly with CEOs as equal parts branding consultant and creative director to strengthen and refine the brands' creative vision.


Anne's work has resulted in numerous brand strategies, campaigns, and visual identities. Her focus has throughout her career remained as a passion for refining and elevating brands.

Normann Copenhagen Era

2008 - 2017: Normann Copenhagen Era - Art Director

For 8.5 years Anne worked for the internationally awarded Scandinavian design company Normann Copenhagen. Her entry was in the midst of The Great Recession where staff and budgets were limited. Anne turned the restraint into opportunities and took charge of all aspects of the creative side of the business which contributed to Normann Copenhagen's global success and worldwide export.


As the Art Director of Normann Copenhagen, Anne was involved in everything regarding the creative vision; concept creation, campaigns, design of graphics/stores/events and products for the rapidly growing collection. Anne's last four years were heavily focused on furthering the visual identity and creating art direction to lead the many monthly photoshoots.


During her time at the Normann Copenhagen, Anne was involved in countless fashion, design & art collaborations with leading brands incl.:


Career Entry Years

2007 - 2008: First Business + Creating Collections

After finishing her education in 2007 Anne opened her first business in Copenhagen where she created graphic design, textile print and branding material for fashion and design clients. Within her first business year, her work provided her the offer of her first full-time design position at the Danish fashion brand Holly’s. Here she assisted the head designer in the development of the collections incl. textile print, photoshoots, and all graphic layout. 

2006 - 2008: Working in Fashion  

Anne’s career started in 2006, while she was still attending fashion school, by working for Danish Fashion Institute - now called Global Fashion Agenda. She was a part of the bi-annual production team that assisted the institute under peak execution of Copenhagen Fashion Week. This opened the door to the foundation of Anne’s wide network in the fashion industry.


Press & Publications:

Anne Lehmann’s work has been featured in numerous publications incl:

Wallpaper, The New York TimesElleElle Décor, Dansk, Milk Magazine, Marie ClaireThe Dieline, DAMN, GQTrendland, FrameDezeen.



In 2016 Design Museum Denmark selected one of Anne’s graphic design works for Normann Copenhagen, a range of colorful tea tins, to be a part of the permanent exhibition Danish Design Now that covers “Contemporary Danish design from the 21st century by talented and influential Danish designers”.


Wallpaper Design Award: Anne led the art direction of the launch campaign images for the award-winning product line Daily Fiction - created by design studio Femmes Regionales.

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2013 - 2015: Master in Design

Anne holds a Master’s Degree in Design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Her focus was on the intersection of fashion, sustainability, and tech. In her final master thesis, she developed a methodology to promote sustainable products with honest, transparent branding.


2005 - 2007: Design Technologist

Anne's education from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology gave her the title Design Technologist with Specialty in Design. Here she was trained with the traditional skills of a fashion designer combined with the technological tools for designing, producing and branding fashion in a global world.